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Data Engineer for SaaSWorks

AirFlow AWS CircleCI Docker Kubernetes Python

We are looking for a Data Engineer with big data experience who will be a significant part of creating a data platform for a new product. This is your chance to join a fast-growing and exciting company in the US and work fully remotely alongside other awesome engineers.


SaaSWorks is driving revenue performance for every Subscription and SaaS business—to democratize the data-driven insights and expertise required to build and manage these high-growth, high-value businesses.

project tech-stack
Airflow AWS CircleCI Docker Kubernetes Python

What we looking for

Skills & Experience:

  • Work experience with Python modules and Pandas library. 
  • Data engineering experience;
  • Experience working with 3rd party API services;
  • Clear understanding of ETL/ELT and data curation;
  • Strong experience and understanding of relational and distributed databases (including internals e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.); 
  • Experience working with databases using pure SQL queries;
  • Strong experience with AWS (S3, Aurora Serverless, Glue/Athena) and Docker;
  • Strong Python expertise;
  • Hands-on experience with dbt;
  • Hands-on experience with Airflow/Prefect;
  • Experiences in OOP, Design Patterns, and design principles (SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI);
  • Experience in using code linters such as Flake8 and Pylint;
  • Knowledge of PEP8 standard; 
  • Experience with continuous integration, test automation, and deployment;
  • Good written and spoken English.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with data monitoring and tracing in distributed and service-oriented systems;
  • Experience in distributed systems design and best practices;
  • Understanding of integration with BI tools (esp. Tableau);
  • Jenkins as CI tool and/or ETL orchestrator;
  • Javascript: Node.js + frontend part (ReactJS).



  • Work with the data engineering team and design the data platform;
  • Systematically work on formalizing business processes, customer acquisition, lifecycles, and the overall data framework;
  • Actively participate in the development process.

company information:

Proxet Nation

We at Proxet believe that employee collaboration is the key to success. Our employees feel valued, listened to, and involved this way, and we are proud to say that our people are our biggest asset!

If you’d like to join our Proxet Nation and work closely with high-level professionals and our engineers, fill the form!

what we offer:

Company benefits

  • Work-from-home policy

    Work-from-home policy (fully remote option)

  • Insurance coverage and paid sick leaves

  • In-house English classes with native speaker

  • Yoga classes outside on the office terrace

  • Sport competitions

    Sport competitions, our events, corporate team buildings!

Interested? let's get in touch!

Leave the information about yourself, leave a link or upload the portfolio file and we will contact you soon!

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