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5,000 - 6,000 USD

About the role:

We are inviting an experienced Database Administrator (DBA) to join our team and diversify our experience. You will be responsible for the database administration & maintenance on all production and pre-production database environments. 

About the project:

The client operates community and specialty hospitals, managed care, physician networks, community health centers, home care and other health-related entities in the United States. One of their internal products is a web based application with over 10,000 current users developed for the entire research community to review, monitor and manage their  research portfolio. The main goal of Insight is to unite distributed and complex organizational processes into one application and help alleviate administrative burdens.

Who are we looking for?

Skills & Experience

  • In-depth Knowledge of SQL and Database Concepts: Demonstrated excellence in MS SQL Server, relational database concepts, and expert-level proficiency in T-SQL. Experience with SQL Server 2016, 2019 is mandatory, and knowledge of SQL Server 2022 is preferred. This includes a strong foundation in database design, development, and maintenance, with SQL skills being the top priority.
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance Expertise: Understanding the specifics, advantages, and operational differences between Azure SQL Managed Instance and standard SQL Server, including provisioning, management, and securing SQL MI environments.
  • Azure Data Factory Proficiency: Advanced experience in designing and implementing ETL processes with Azure Data Factory, prioritizing ADF over traditional SSIS for data integration tasks.
  • Proficient in SSIS with extensive expertise and hands-on experience: Encompassing a deep understanding of its functionalities and practical application in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes within data integration workflows.
  • General Azure DevOps tools (Release and Pipeline) understanding: Knowledge about Azure Pipelines for automating the build and deployment process of applications, and Azure DevOps Releases for orchestrating and managing software releases across different environments.
  • General Azure Application Resources Knowledge: Understanding of provisioning, managing, and securing Azure application resources, with a focus on best practices for cloud-based applications.
  • Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills: High priority on the ability to troubleshoot and solve complex problems across database and application layers, demonstrating a methodical approach to issue resolution.
  • Experience in day-to-day communication with English speaking customers;
  • Readiness to work in the PST time zone (Poland: 06:00 AM — 03:00 РM).

Nice to have

  • Git and Code Management: Knowledge of Git for version control and experience with code management practices to ensure clean and maintainable codebases.
  • Additional Database Optimization: Experience with Query Store, Extended Events, and in-depth understanding of query optimization, procedure tuning, and index management for performance improvements.
  • Azure DevOps and Release/Pipeline Creation: Significant experience with Azure DevOps (ADO) for CI/CD pipelines, particularly for application builds, securing pipelines, and deployment strategies. Familiarity with infrastructure as code, utilizing ARM templates or Terraform for Azure resource deployment.
  • Scripting and Automation Skills: Familiarity with PowerShell and JSON for scripting and automation tasks within Azure environments.


  • Troubleshooting — provider tier 2/3 support to identify system issues and resolve in real-time;
  • Perform database administration/maintenance on all production and pre-production database environments;
  • Query optimization;
  • Index tuning/maintenance;
  • High-Availability (Log Shipping, Always-On);
  • Backup / Restore;
  • Research and develop new technologies and approaches for building highly available data persistence systems.

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