ML Lead

We are looking for talented and charismatic ML Lead / ML Manager to join the team and participate in the development of our AI & ML expertise and team growing.

Recommended background:

  • 5+ years of Python engineering and experience in research and development of machine learning and deep learning technologies for real-world products.
  • Understanding of different machine learning and deep learning algorithm families and their tradeoffs.
  • Experience with deep learning libraries and frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch etc.)
  • Experience with large-scale machine learning (100GB+ datasets)
  • Excellent knowledge of ML/DL theoretical underpinnings
  • Research mentality and math-oriented mindset
  • Team-player with strong interpersonal skills


  • Experience writing maintainable, testable, production-grade Python code
  • Experience with large-scale machine learning (100GB+ datasets)
  • Competitive machine learning experience (e.g. Kaggle) could be a plus
  • Previous experience of deploying and maintaining machine learning models in production
  • PhD i research paper published at top conferences

We offer multiple benefits, that include:

  • Challenging work in an international professional environment
  • Long standing team as this is for a long term project
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work-from-home & remote work policy
  • Mastering English language with a native speaker
  • 40-hours working week with flexible working hours
  • PE accounting and support
  • 20 paid vacation days per year
  • 14 paid sick leaves per year
  • Collaborative friendly team environment
  • Cozy fully equipped office space in the city center

Leave the information about yourself, leave a link or upload the portfolio file and we will contact you soon!