Senior Golang Engineer for Siden

This role will be responsible for software development and engineering of the Siden App cloud service, essentially a backend reflective of those of popular OTT VOD and SmartTV services.


We are looking for a Senior Golang Engineer for a challenging, innovative startup based on custom hardware and software solutions. Product consists of AndroidTV, Android/iOS mobile, custom version of AOSP.

Recommended background:

  • 5+ years of Software Development experience;
  • Experience with Microservices architecture;
  • Understanding of concurrency patterns and memory management;
  • Understanding how to build flexible, scalable, high-performing, extensible, and testable systems;
  • Understanding of Design Patterns, SOLID, KISS, DRY, and YAGNI;
  • Experience with messaging systems, e.g. Kafka, Nats, Kinesis, and RabbitMQ;
  • Experience with RDBMS;
  • Experience with NoSQL;
  • Advanced use of git;
  • Advanced use of Unix-like operating system commands;
  • Experience with Docker, Docker-compose and Kubernetes;
  • Understanding network, TCP/IP, HTTP, and HTTP2.


  • Writing new services in Golang and supporting the existing Golang system;
  • Participation in architecture development;
  • Daily communication with NY coworkers.

About the project:

Unique solution for mobile network operators — distributed application used for managing, tracking and controlling video content for countries without high-speed internet connections. The application should manage video content between cloud storage and distributed client hubs, tracking traffic and internet speed and make decisions about the point of video content streaming. Data will be transferred through 3G, 4G carriers and shared between a group of client hubs. Product consists of AndroidTV, Android/iOS mobile, custom version of AOSP.


Leave the information about yourself, leave a link or upload the portfolio file and we will contact you soon!