MeetUp Tonight: Proxet JavaScript

MeetUp Tonight: Proxet JavaScript

MeetUp Tonight:

Proxet JavaScript

After a long break, we are finally back with some wonderful news: our MeetUp Tonight events are back!

The next event will be on July 15, and the theme will be Javascript.


Proxet JavaScript Meetup Speakers:

Eugene Kozhura

Senior Frontend Engineer @Proxet

Will give a talk on “Real-time UI updates without pressure”.

Consider a scenario – a server-side application constantly processes some data, whereas a client side application gets notifications about processing in real-time and updates the UI. But real time UI updates can be painful sometimes. Even for simple cases you will probably deal with nasty issues – connection is dropped and UI app loses some updates from server, or streaming updates from server causes backpressure. Let’s talk about what.

Andriy Shumada

Team Lead @Walkme/Ciklum

Will give a talk on «Autotesting frontend with JS: from 0 to hero».

Every product needs to be tested before release, and frontend applications are no exception. As the project grows, manual testing becomes less efficient and more time consuming. This is where self-tests, scripts, which automatically “click” your site and detect non-functioning functionality, are a lifesaver. Andriy will teach you how to implement this awesome testing system. The talk will cover both the theory of writing tests on the frontend, and the practice, where the speaker will demonstrate how to implement it in code.

The intended audience for the talks is Mid and Senior level specialists.


where and when?

See you on July 15 (Thursday) at 19:00 at:

Kyiv, Yamska 35, Proxet office

This is a mixed-format event: We will be glad to welcome the first 25 attendees in-person (yes, it will be a live meeting in a close circle of like-minded people), and many more to participate online via Zoom.


are you interested?

The first 25 participants to register are invited to join us in the physical office location. All other participants will receive an email with a link to the meeting in Zoom. After the Meetup, offline participants will participate in a Pizza & Beer networking session. See you soon!

    * Participation in the event is free and the number of places in the offline format is limited. After registration, please refer to the email you receive for instructions on whether to attend in-person or online.

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