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People Operations Manager

From onboarding to leading teams, from talent development to performance reviews, a People Operations Manager is the first point of contact, an advisor, and a relationship builder at a company. If you sincerely love people, are very structured and responsible, have been working with people for more than 5 years, and want to start a new challenge in a cool company– then we here at Proxet would be the ideal match for you!


Proxet is a software development company with strong expertise in AI/ML, Data Engineering, and numerous top technologies within the IT market. Our motto is: “Doing common things uncommonly well,” so we try to avoid pre-made frames and fabricated templates in our work. Proxet is all about complete freedom. This freedom is presented in the forms of: independent decision making, responsibility for those decisions, and implementation of our boldest ideas and in everyday actions.

We are very flexible and innovative in terms of the internal processes and technologies that we use. We ensure that we only work with the latest, cutting edge technologies in AI/ML, Big Data, Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, Scala, JavaScript, and others in order to solve our customers’ tasks more efficiently and effectively. We avoid work with gambling or other dubious industries. Instead, we make sure that we connect ourselves with projects that develop solutions for healthcare, retail, marketing, finance, aerospace, and even automotive industries.

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