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Senior Node.js Developer for OneVision

AWS Node.js Postgres

We are looking for a Senior Node.js Developer for our new project. You will be part of a development team with a focus on creating an integration platform.


OneVision partners with smart-home integrators in the custom install (CI) channel to drive business growth by unleashing the revenue potential of their service departments. OneVision provides all that’s required to build a sophisticated and profitable service operation that enables our partners to compete at the scale of a huge enterprise, without losing their local and hard-earned brand identity. We developed the necessary technology, architected the service process, and built a team of professionals to complement integrators’ project-based business with all that’s required to build and manage a robust service operation: client support, marketing and selling service, training the team on new systems and procedures, recruiting new talent, managing the operations around the lifecycle of a service client, and taking responsibility for the P&L for all things service-related.

Supporting over 20,000 clients, the OneVision platform has created new recurring revenue streams, doubled labor margin, and generated over $30M in service revenue with a 65% gross margin for our Partners, all while enabling them to achieve 4.8-star satisfaction and 85% referral ratings from their clients.

Full Stack Developer (Python+React) for GIPHY

AWS Django Flask Luigi MySQL PostgreSQL Pydantic Pytest Python React Spark

GIPHY serves over 7 billion GIFs per day, our mobile products have millions of users, and our

API is integrated into some of the biggest digital platforms in the world. You will join a team responsible for supporting and scaling production infrastructure necessary for the delivery of these applications.


GIPHY is the world’s largest platform to search, discover, and create GIFs. We’re the leading brand in short-form entertainment and visual communication.

GIPHY is integrated in iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, Slack, WhatsApp and many more, serving over 7 billion GIFs daily to over 500 million people across the globe. We are also creating the largest distributed ad platform for short form media. We’re a creative and passionate group of GIF-obsessed individuals continuing to build out what we believe is the future of communication. We have big goals and are looking for like-minded, talented people to join us.

Middle Frontend Developer for Employa

CSS Modules React JS TypeScript

Employa is AI-based Recruitment as a Service solution that saves time and money on hiring the best candidates. We build our own product with innovative design and cutting edge ML and AI technologies.

We are inviting an experienced Mid- / Strong Mid-level Frontend Developer to join our team, diversify our experience and help us to produce well-designed, efficient code by using the best software development practices.


Employa is more than just a tool for the automated recruitment process — it’s a smart recruiting assistant that streamlines the hiring process. 

Employa helps to find all necessary information about the candidate, check it for embellishments, start a dialogue with an applicant and shortlist the most appropriate resumes.

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