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Senior Golang Engineer for Zus Health

AWS Docker Golang MongoDB

We are looking for a Senior Golang Engineer to join our team.
“Greenfield project” with no legacy code in a Healthcare Domain. The Client wants to build a subsystem capable of identifying the data related to the same patient but submitted by various builders via automated and manual processes. The automatic process will be responsible for identifying the likelihood that data is related to the same patient, based on identifiers and using a variety of matching algorithms. The automatic process will link patients’ data with a high degree of certainty and surface possible links with less certainty. The manual process includes a manual approval workflow for potential connections and manually creating, updating, and deleting links.


Creating the industry’s first shared development platform backed by a shared data record, the Client aims to bring about a better health data reality by empowering a wave of new, digital-first healthcare builders who will create digital health technologies and services that are cheaper, more customizable and more personalized. This new digital health vanguard is NOT composed of data hoarders who seek to monetize access to proprietary information, but rather those who believe in the network effect of data sharing. The new community of innovators assumes that the most significant potential comes from using modern technology to help with care and revolutionize it. This vision drives to proactively connect the most extensive array of traditional medical providers to novel health data sources so that health data becomes frictionless to use.

Frontend (React) Developer for OneVision

AWS Postgres React TypeScript

We are looking for a Frontend (React) Developer, on our new project. You will be part of the development team with a focus on creating an integration platform.


OneVision partners with smart-home integrators in the custom install (CI) channel to drive business growth by unleashing the revenue potential of their service departments. OneVision provides all that’s required to build a sophisticated and profitable service operation that enables our partners to compete at the scale of a huge enterprise, without losing their local and hard-earned brand identity. We developed the necessary technology, architected the service process, and built a team of professionals to complement integrators’ project-based business with all that’s required to build and manage a robust service operation: client support, marketing and selling service, training the team on new systems and procedures, recruiting new talent, managing the operations around the lifecycle of a service client, and taking responsibility for the P&L for all things service-related.

Supporting over 20,000 clients, the OneVision platform has created new recurring revenue streams, doubled labor margin, and generated over $30M in service revenue with a 65% gross margin for our Partners, all while enabling them to achieve 4.8-star satisfaction and 85% referral ratings from their clients.

Full TechOps Engineer for a Travel Planning Company

The Technical Operations team is responsible for the architecture, deployment, and secure operation of our production environments & services, including our on-prem data centers where we manage thousands of physical and virtual machines, multiple cloud vendors where we have both directly managed environments as well as tenant environments, and our global network which spans over 26 countries.


World’s largest travel site, inspires and empowers people to explore the world with confidence and share their trip experiences with others. Every day, we see our ideas come to life in work that enables travelers to discover all the good the world has to offer. As part of the Travel Planning Company team, you’ll have the opportunity to do the same.

Senior Java Developer for Employa

AWS Java Core Kafka MongoDB Spring

We are inviting an experienced Senior Java Developer to join our team to diversify our experience and help us to produce high-quality software products.


Employa is an AI-based Recruitment Service (employa.com) solution that saves time and money when helping HR professionals hire the best job candidates. We are developed in-house, with innovative design and cutting edge ML and AI technologies.

.NET Engineer for MGB Inc

Entity Framework MS SQL Net Core React JS

We are inviting an experienced .NET Engineer to join our team, diversify our experience, and help us in writing a new version of a large system managing a full-cycle of healthcare research document flow.

Our customer is a company owning a number of hospitals in Boston which host innovative medical research. Users of the system that we build are researchers at the forefront of such ongoing research activities as drug discovery, genetics, clinical patient care, diagnostics, information technology, and preventive medicine.

You will have an opportunity to enjoy .Net Core in production of a large system and will work in a strong friendly team following Agile best practices (2-week sprints, code review, daily standups)

Team: 15 back-end engineers, 3 front-end engineers, 4 DBAs, 7 QA/BA and 1 PM.


MGB Inc. operates community and specialty hospitals, a managed care organization, a physician network, community health centers, and home care and other health-related entities in the United States.

The Insight Research Portal is a web-based application with over 150,000 current users developed for the entire research community to review, monitor, and manage Partners’ research portfolio. The main goal of Insight is to unite distributed and complex organizational processes into one application and help alleviate administrative burdens.

Senior Java Engineer for Roku

Aerospike Amazon AWS Apache Mina Avro Big Data Concurrency Java 11 Lucene Netty Scala Tomcat

Develop and maintain Roku’s cutting edge advertising planning, delivery and insight products/solutions.
You’ll be working on the next generation of Roku’s DMM (Digital Marketing Management) platform based on a real-time bidding solution with high-load up to 3M QPS used by leading advertisers to manage their online ad campaigns across all media channels, device platforms, and advertising exchanges.
You’ll become part of a distributed team developing a product that is used by thousands of businesses worldwide.


Roku makes it easy to watch your favorite TV. All Roku devices provide easy access to free TV, live news, sports, movies, and more. It’s affordable to enjoy all your favorite content with no limits.

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